Objectives of personnel controlling

The objectives of personnel controlling must be based on the overall business objectives and the objectives of the hospital mission statement. In contrast to market-oriented companies, the main objective of a hospital is not to maximise profits in the long term, but to derive the greatest possible benefit from a given budget without neglecting social objectives.

Structure-related key figures in personnel controlling refer directly to hospital personnel. The qualitative personnel composition can be derived from them, from which corresponding conclusions can be drawn.

Examples of this are:

  • Qualitative composition of care personnel
  • Age composition in executive and management positions
  • Length of seniority of personnel

Functions / Features:

  • Overview of employees
  • Total number of employees and trainees
  • Personnel statistics
  • Default quotes
  • Full force record statistics
  • Adjustment of target times / absence times
  • Overview of absences per service group
  • Average sickness rate
  • Jubilee periods
  • Employees per qualification / without qualification
  • Electronic personnel file
  • Qualification matrix
  • Personnel overview
  • Entries and exits / fluctuation rate
  • Failure due to illness

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