Parking management system

Today, parking spaces are essential for satisfied customers and employees. However, it is annoying and inefficient if your own parking spaces are blocked by parking offenders or, from an economic point of view, are unused outside business hours.

Parking management takes over the checking of entry and exit authorisation as well as support in optimising parking space occupancy. Control the use of parking spaces in a targeted manner and adapt your requirements and needs specifically to you or your company.

The ZKS parking management system from Breitenbach offers you, your visitors, customers, employees or suppliers a flexible and efficient instrument to make sensible use of existing parking space. Your employees book the entry and exit with their existing transponder (Legic, Mifare, Hitag, Fingerprint, etc.). The different visitors pay their respective ticket at the ticket machine as usual. The parking costs of the employees are transmitted to the payment program. A proof of parking times can be printed out and made available for individual months or for a certain period of time, as desired.

The parking management system is characterised by low maintenance, the possibility of cashless administration and flexible handling. Parking fees can be calculated according to duration, time and type, even taking into account weekdays, times of day and different locations.

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