Our customized software modules

According to our motto “everything from a single source”, we offer you a comprehensive product portfolio with tailor-made software modules.

Breitenbach’s software products stand for a high degree of integration. Due to the open interface architecture, the individual Breitenbach software modules can be linked to one another as well as to external products almost as desired.

This flexibility and compatibility provides you with all the freedoms of current and future platforms and systems. Products from Breitenbach are therefore a guarantee for high investment security.

Time Recording System

Man power is one of the most costly variables for any organization and not necessarily driven by high wages but instead existing capacity not being managed effectively. With this, it is therefore critically important to ensure all staff resources are operating in an optimal fashion to ensure profitability.

With Time Recording System (ZMS), you will have access to an industry-independent and innovative software solution which provides optimal balance between working time and actual work required. This results in increased efficiencies with a higher degree of employee satisfaction.

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Personnel Planning Service

With the Personnel Planning Service (PPL) from Breitenbach, you have access to an efficient state of the art planning and management tool.

This will empower your organization to create scheduling solutions that will ensure availability for customers while maintaining complete flexibility.

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Access Control System

Facility security is paramount for all organizations. The Access Control System (ZKS) gives an organization the ability to permit physical access based on job functions.

This ensures that an organization can satisfy not only the privacy and compliance requirement of running a business but also, adhere to the different regulatory bodies that govern a particular industry. This capability has a series of control mechanisms that can be engaged thus allowing complete flexibility.

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Acquisition of Production Data

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a process that operates production management system. It also establishes a connection between the data at the production level and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) phase. With the integrating of ERP and MES, this results in a detailed real time process enabling unlimited possibilities.

The control of production in a real-time environment ensures a high degree of transparency, traceability while capturing down-time and over-capacity anomalies.

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Personnel Management System

Due to the integrative approach with the merging of modules, PMS uses the master data from ZMS - Time Recording System. Whether as an electronic personnel file, job description, certification system or as a basis for further training measures (including seminar administration).

PMS - Personnel Management System offers you the possibility of strategic personnel management. Critical roles and functions must be secured in the company in the long term.

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