The Breitenbach Software Evolution 2 access control system allows you to:  

  • Set different access models and time intervals.
  • Together with you, we analyse your security requirements, the existing infrastructure and create an overall concept for your security system.
  • You receive an access control system from a single source and, if required, we integrate your existing smart card system, building management system or alarm system.
  • The scalable access control centre confidently manages the entire door management. Access control functions, sophisticated control and monitoring tasks as well as protocol, alarm and even time management functions. Everything is combined in one module, making it both efficient and cost-optimised. All data can be retrieved at any time and the highest system availability is guaranteed. With the access control system centre, you control flexibly and securely - from simple doors to highly complex security gates.
  • Individual staff assignment and access rights to rooms in the building complex.
  • Allocation of access zones to the various terminals and readers.
  • Transfer and scaling of the floor plan of the building complex.
  • The states of all monitoring points are graphically displayed in the floor plan. Locking and security areas can be opened or blocked simply by mouse click.
  • Administration of graphic and time-limited access times.
  • Administration of the room book.


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