Manufacturing Execution System

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MES (Manufacturing Execution System

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a production management system that operates close to the process and establishes a connection between the data of the production level and the company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The integration of ERP and MES enables a detailed and time-correct view of all process sequences. The control of production in real time ensures a high level of transparency and traceability. The permanent and always up-to-date graphic display immediately reveals downtimes and overcapacities so that interventions can be made at short notice. Production processes can thus be better planned in the future and optimised in the medium to long term.

Personnel planning in production

With personnel planning in production, as an integral part of the MES module, you can plan according to capacity and demand, as well as object-related. Employees are assigned to services, cost centres, machines or objects, taking into account employee preferences, qualifications and availability. Staffing requirements are calculated from forecast basic values and automatically show suggestions for redeployment.

Production data acquisition (PDA)

Production data acquisition (PDA) supports you through simple operation, improved up-to-dateness, early checking of the recorded data for completeness and correctness, as well as increased transparency in the recording, processing and evaluation of production data, such as times, quantities, weights, quality and piece numbers. Standard interfaces are used to integrate the system into central ERP/PPS systems and control centre systems for direct data communication.

Machine data collection (MDC)

Machine data collection (MDC) provides systematic recording of machine signals and statuses and replaces your previous manual evaluations. The improved transparency and up-to-dateness of the data enables you to improve machine utilisation and optimise productivity. The monitoring gives you a direct overview of the current machine or plant situation at any time. This information can be accessed from any authorised PC and web terminal.

Advantages of BMS / MES at a glance:

  • Visualisation of production progress and machine statuses in real time
  • Transparency of production processes
  • Continuous target/actual comparison
  • Rapid detection of faults
  • Localisation of weak points
  • Variable interfaces to ERP/PPS/QS and payroll systems

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We answer the most important questions about our software solutions.


What functions and features does PDA (production data acquisition) provide?

The basic functions of PDA include

• Entry of bookings to items such as: project, order, process, workstation, machine, or person at terminal or PC
• Reduction of data acquisition effort
• Reduction of manufacturing paperwork
• Prompt feedback
• Multiple machine operation
• Merging short work cycles of the same kind into collective pay slips
• Group work
• Incentive wage entry
• Premium calculation
• Project data entry
• Checking for personnel attendance
• Automatic break deduction
• Comparison of manufacturing order with personnel attendance times
• Personnel status display
• Cost centre status display
• Configurable summary of data overviews and comfortable changing

Is the software flexibly adaptable to accommodate different shift models, working time arrangements and individual preferences?

Customizing - fine tuning according to your preferences

Yes, we can show you how to optimise and simplify your processes with the help of software. Within the scope of customising, our flexible programs are adapted to your individual requirements. Through targeted parameterisation (e.g. for databases, input masks or forms), our standard products become your customised software solution.


How will the system be implemented and how long will it take?

Breitenbach Services

Benefit from our implementation experience from over 4,000 projects. You receive comprehensive project management and consulting services for your Breitenbach software solution, customised to your requirements.

The required implementation time and schedule are determined by the individual requirements profile and size of the company of the respective customer.

How is employee training for the system organised and executed?

Breitenbach training courses

In order to be able to use your systems optimally and to make the work of your employees as efficient as possible, regular training and qualifications are essential.

With in-house training courses, online training courses and Möhnesee training courses, you and your employees can keep up to date with us in a targeted manner and deepen your competence with pinpoint accuracy.

How is the system integrated into our existing HR systems?

Integration management

Due to the open interface architecture, the individual software modules can be linked to each other and to external products in almost any way. This flexibility and compatibility offers you all the freedom you need for current or future platforms and systems. Our products are therefore a guarantee for high investment security.


How is the support and maintenance of the system organised?

Hotline support

Our hotline support consists exclusively of qualified IT consultants who have a high level of technical and product-specific know-how. Our internal call tracking system means that we are always up to date with the latest information on your enquiries. This special and personal support guarantees you and your employees optimal support and fast solution proposals.

Within the scope of software maintenance, the customer is entitled to the current software release statuses and use of the hotline.

How is data protection and the security of employee data ensured?

Data protection and the security

A sophisticated role system with various authorisation systems not only ensures data protection regulations, but also only authorises those persons or employees who have been specified by their respective administrator or the responsible employee.


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