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Personnel controlling in the health care sector

Today's hospital is a high-performance healthcare enterprise in which personal services are provided to patients. The services to be provided are based almost exclusively on human labor and each hospital employee is responsible to a high degree for the quality of hospital medicine and nursing care. Cost optimization in the personnel area is particularly important for the profitability of a hospital, since at least two-thirds of the total costs in the hospital are attributable to this area.

Integrated HR planning in the hospital

The objectives of personnel controlling must be based on the overall business objectives and the objectives of the hospital mission statement. Structure-related key figures in personnel controlling relate directly to hospital staff. From these, the qualitative personnel composition can be derived, from which corresponding conclusions can be drawn, for example:

  • Qualitative composition of nursing staff
  • Age composition in management and leadership positions
  • Length of service of the staff

Visualisable nursing staffing levels in E2

Fixed shift intervals are being phased out and are increasingly being replaced by flexible shift models. Manual determination of PpUGV is therefore very time-consuming. By using PPL-PpUGV, the user always has an overview of all relevant information.

Click here for a detailed overview of the relevant nursing staffing level information from the E2.

PPP-RL - Transparency for staffing in psychiatry and psychosomatics

The guideline on staffing in psychiatry and psychosomatics (PPP-RL) sets binding minimum requirements for staffing in psychiatric and psychosomatic facilities. Failure to comply with the minimum staffing levels may result in financial sanctions.

The PPP-RL MODULE of the Evolution 2 software consists of the following three core areas:

  • Determination of the minimum requirements for each occupational group according to treatment days and key date survey
  • Determination of the ACTUAL full-time staff hours for each occupational group according to the working hours recorded in the service plan
  • Calculation of the degree of implementation on the basis of the minimum requirements and the actual full-time staff hours

Advantages of PPL at a glance:

  • Consideration of all collective bargaining, legal and company requirements
  • Breitenbach reporting tools provide quick and easy access to comprehensive evaluation options
  • Cost optimisation and effort reduction thanks to demand-optimised staff deployment
  • Always transparent planning and correct evaluation of working time
  • Flexible reaction to fluctuations in demand based on personnel requirements planning
  • Ensuring productivity through flexible shift planning
  • Higher planning quality through rule-based and automated planning proposals
  • Increase in employee satisfaction through consideration of employee preferences

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