The evaluation of the Breitenbach Software Evolution 2 (E2) provides you with:

  • Evaluation lists staffing levels per department / specialty
  • General surgery, cardiac surgery, trauma surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, geriatrics, neurology, neurological stroke unit, neurological early rehabilitation, intensive care, paediatric intensive care and paediatrics are displayed.
  • For each day, time intervals from 06:00 hrs - 22:00 hrs or 22:00 hrs - 06:00 hrs are considered.
  • Within the evaluation, a distinction is made between nursing specialists (PFK), nursing assistants (PHK) and midwives (HEB) in the percentage share in order to determine the staff per hour.
  • Only the maximum PHK and HEB proportion is accepted.
  • Full-day transfers can be planned via the PPL jumper secondment, partial-day secondments via the optional detailed planning.
  • If the number of occupied beds is stored in the Breitenbach system, the demand comparison to the specified staffing level is immediately displayed, as well as a variable total per month and a legend.
  • The planned times minus the breaks in the main time area are used as a basis. This makes it possible in future to simulate a nursing staff lower limit regulation (PPUGV) with fictitious bed occupancy.
  • The planned times are replaced for existing time bookings.
  • For quarterly transfer to the Institute for Hospital Charges (INEK), there is the possibility of CSV export.
  • An individual overview is available after the extended qualifications.


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