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Time recording: optimised and legally compliant

Progressive digitalisation, new legislation, new work concepts and an individualised society are massively and continuously changing the world of work. Nowadays, companies must be able to adapt more and more flexibly to the demands of the market if they want to survive in competition.

With the ruling on the obligation to systematically record working time, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that employers must record the entire working time of their employees with precise timing. Employers must document the beginning, duration and end of their employees' working hours, especially with regard to the Minimum Wage Act and the Posted Workers Act. Without these precautions, neither the number of hours worked, overtime, night, weekend and holiday bonuses, sick days, customer appointments, holiday periods and their distribution over time could be determined objectively and reliably. Those who already think in the long term and rely on our software module ZMS - Time Recording System, save themselves unnecessary time and can enjoy the many advantages.

Efficient and flexible working time recording

The strategic factor "working time" is one of the most cost-intensive variables of a company - not least due to the associated high non-wage labour costs. Therefore, it is important to optimally use the resource of employees in order to remain competitive.

But professional time management means more than just reducing pure personnel costs. Increasing productivity, making working hours more flexible for customers and increasing employee motivation are considered at least as important by leading HR managers today.

Your management system software

With ZMS, you get an industry-independent and innovative software solution for any size of company to optimally balance working time and actual work requirements and to support newly developed working time models.

Whether flexible, graphic user interface, comprehensive evaluations, controlling functions, Employee Self Service (ESS) or project time management - our software solution offers you everything a modern time management system needs.

ZMS - Time Recording System determines daily updated time account information on overtime / additional work or flex time accounts for the evaluation of cost-optimised personnel planning and permanent personnel controlling.

ZMS Online - Mobile Time Management

Mobile Time Management as a driving force of innovation offers important application possibilities, especially in personnel management: starting with the external recording, processing and administration of data, the exchange of data with colleagues, time recording and holiday planning up to the prompt retrieval of decision-relevant evaluations and analyses. The time and location-independent use of mobile devices optimises personnel processes through more flexible workflows.

Downtimes, such as illness or holiday time, can be handled both centrally and decentrally, depending on the existing organisational structures. Workflow functions simplify the workflow, especially in the case of multi-level processing or approval processes.

Advantages of ZMS at a glance:

  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Avoidance of overtime subject to surcharges
  • Flexible adjustment of working hours to the needs of the customers
  • Increased personal responsibility and motivation of employees
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Paperless approval workflow
  • Permanent cost controlling
  • Increase in productivity
  • Planning reliability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We answer the most important questions about our software solutions.

What functions and modules does the time recording system provide?

The basic functions of the ZMS include

  • Support for all types of working time regulations: shift patterns, flexitime, fixed time, part-time, break definition, time off in lieu, collective agreements, in-house agreements, etc.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Paperless approval workflow / substitute regulation
  • Retroactive accounting capability with any retroactive accounting depth, taking into account all remuneration data and absences
  • Dynamic reporting & monitoring
  • Preservation of data consistency and auditability
  • Data entry on PC, smartphone, web or terminal
  • Implemented interface to many payroll accounting systems, such as SAP, Paisy, Datev, Varial, Loga, CARAT or exact
  • Integration of personnel placement / service planning, access control, etc.
  • Display of weekly, monthly and annual working times
  • Monitoring of accounts / core times
  • Automatic shift allocation
  • Decentralised correction system by time administrators
  • Evaluation of irregularities

Is the system flexible enough to meet our individual working time recording requirements?

Customizing - fine tuning according to your preferences

Yes, we can show you how to optimise and simplify your processes with the help of software. Within the scope of customising, our flexible programs are adapted to your individual requirements. Through targeted parameterisation (e.g. for databases, input masks or forms), our standard products become your customised software solution.


How will the system be implemented and how long will it take?

Breitenbach Services

Benefit from our implementation experience from over 4,000 projects. You receive comprehensive project management and consulting services for your Breitenbach software solution, customised to your requirements.

The required implementation time and schedule are determined by the individual requirements profile and size of the company of the respective customer.

How is employee training for the system organised and executed?

Breitenbach training courses

In order to be able to use your systems optimally and to make the work of your employees as efficient as possible, regular training and qualifications are essential.

With in-house training courses, online training courses and Möhnesee training courses, you and your employees can keep up to date with us in a targeted manner and deepen your competence with pinpoint accuracy.

How is the system integrated into our existing HR systems?

Integration management

Due to the open interface architecture, the individual software modules can be linked to each other and to external products in almost any way. This flexibility and compatibility offers you all the freedom you need for current or future platforms and systems. Our products are therefore a guarantee for high investment security.


How is the support and maintenance of the system organised?

Hotline support

Our hotline support consists exclusively of qualified IT consultants who have a high level of technical and product-specific know-how. Our internal call tracking system means that we are always up to date with the latest information on your enquiries. This special and personal support guarantees you and your employees optimal support and fast solution proposals.

Within the scope of software maintenance, the customer is entitled to the current software release statuses and use of the hotline.

How is data protection and the security of employee data ensured?

Data protection and the security

A sophisticated role system with various authorisation systems not only ensures data protection regulations, but also only authorises those persons or employees who have been specified by their respective administrator or the responsible employee.


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